ZOO Jihlava

Zoo Jihlava
Zoologická zahrada Jihlava
Brezinovy sady 10
586 01 Jihlava
Czech Republic

tel.+420 567 573 730
fax.+420 567 573 728

Company registration number: 00404454
Tax identity number: CZ 00404454
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Bank acount number: 4050002846/6800 vedený u Sberbank CZ a.s

The zoo is situated in a picturesque valley of the Jihlavka River. Visitors can see sheets of water, afforested grades, meadows and rocks. All of this is just a few minutes (10 minutes walking time) from the town centre.

Access to the zoo
1) from the Masaryk square through Brnenska street
2) from the summer movie-theatre
3) new car´s parking next the new entry area on road from Brno.

"The zoo without bars" is home for 200 rare species of animals, including 17 species classified in European breeding programs. The zoo specializes on raising and breeding felines, apes and reptiles.

The TOP animals at the Zoo Jihlava
The smallest in the world: a subspecies of the (Sumatran) tigers, a (Malaysian) bear, a (Small) otter, an monkey (Pygmy marmoset)
The biggest in the world: a (Giant red kangaroo), a rodent (Capybara)
The greatest variety of marmosets and tamarins in the Czech Republic.

There are three pavilions opened for visitors: Exotarium with exhibitions on monkeys and reptiles, the Animals of Prey pavilion and Hacienda esconido pavilion. One of the most favourite expositions is the African Vilage!
The new entry area was opened in 2006 and includes among others servis for visitors and exhibition for animals. Visitors are welcome to take a rest and refresh in the restaurant, the sweetshop or the bar. The gift shop offers a variety of souvenirs. An unusual children playground with a Petting Zoo attracts the youngest visitors. There is also a small train that children can ride. The visitors can sit down and take a rest on many benches through the Zoo. The information system helps to improve our knowledge of the animal world. (for detailed information see the map of the Zoo)

Opening hoursAdultChildrenStudents, soldiers,
Summer season
(May - September)
8.00 - 18.00 100,- Kč 60,- Kč 60,- Kč
Middle - season
(April, October)
9.00 - 17.00 100,- Kč 60,- Kč 60,- Kč
Winter season
(November - March)
9.00 - 16.00 90,- Kč 50,- Kč 50,- Kč


Pesonal staff
Ing. Eliška Kubíková director +420 567 573 733 director(at)zoojihlava.cz
Bc. Hana Krejčová head economist +420 567 573 721 krejcova(at)zoojihlava.cz
Mgr. Pavlína Pitrová secretary, promotion activities +420 567 573 730 pitrova(at)zoojihlava.cz
Ing. Jan Vašák zoologist +420 567 573 720 curator(at)zoojihlava.cz
Jiří Zita maintenance, construction +420 567 573 732 zita(at)zoojihlava.cz
Martin Maláč education, advertising +420 567 573 735 propagace(at)zoojihlava.cz
Bc. Eva Hyršová accountant +420 567 573 734 hyrsova(at)zoojihlava.cz
Jana Švantnerová accountant +420 567 573 737 ucetni(at)zoojihlava.cz
Bc. Olena Kotíková symbolic adoption of animals +420 567 573 730 info(at)zoojihlava.cz
Mgr. Pavla Jarošová education +420 567 573 736 vzdelavani(at)zoojihlava.cz
RNDr. Iva Vilhumová design +420 567 573 725 vilhumova(at)zoojihlava.cz
Ing. Michal Ryneš education and cultural promotion activities +420 567 573 725 rynes(at)zoojihlava.cz
Jiří Štorek landscape maintenance and gardening work +420 567 573 747 storek(at)zoojihlava.cz
Mgr. Radka Vaňková education +420 567 573 774 vankova(at)zoojihlava.cz
Zbyněk Rektořík administrator of the computers +420 567 573 748 rektorik(at)zoojihlava.cz